The tomb of askia



Gao, 29 april 2014 - Le RSASG Abdoulaye Bathily visite le tombeau des Askia à Gao. DSRSG Aboulaye Bathily visits the tomb of Askia in Gao. Photo MINUSMA/Marco Dormino

Capital of the songhoy empire in the XVITH century is an archeological stronghold with the famous tombs of its sovereigns and with its many funerary marble steles going back to the XIIth century.                                                                                                                                                                                    Sights                                                                                                             The tomb of askia built in 1495 by askia Mohamed; it shelters the body of 10 imams the building is characterized today by its sudano-sahelian style.

The archeological site of saneye located at 6 km from today’s gao,in the old city , the site of saneye contains many funerary stels of the XIIth century.

Dance of initiation: the holey it is an initiation dance of the possessed a specific sonrhais sect   etc…