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Mali represents authentic Africa, attractive and mysterious, leaving a permanent mark with all visitors eager to discover the beauty of its landscape, its history and its culture.

It’s a country abounding with vestiges of the past the discovery of the man of Asselar (10 000 years before Jesus Christ) in the area of Adrar of Iforas, by professor Theodore Monod, shows that this ground is an old hearth of settlements and civilizations.

According to Robert Delavignette, colonial administrator, ‘ it is the moderate and human Africa, where men see far in front of themselves, circulate and build empires’:

  • Ghana Empire ( VIIth to IXth century)
  • Mali Empire    (XIth to XVth century )
  • Songhoy Empire (XVIth century)
  • Kingdom of Segou (XVIth century)
  • Fulani Empire of Macina (XIXth century)
  • El Hadj Omar Empire (XIXth century)
  • Almamy Samory Touré Empire (XIXth century)

This glorious pas has marked the mentalities with a particular pride of a religious and artistic exceptional way in Black Africa. Mali is a “crossroads of civilizations” the touristic sites and places, the monuments, the traditions, the arts and crafts, the colored markets, the muse

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